The San Bernardo Islands

The San Bernardo Islands are a small archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, 80 kilometers south of Cartagena and only accessible by boat. It belongs to the Rosario and San Bernardo Corals National Natural Park. With a total of 10 islands and a few houses in the water, is each one of them surprisingly interesting and different.

In particular the Island where our captains are natives from; Santa Cruz del Isolte – the most densely populated island on earth up to 1,200+ people living on 100,391 m2) – An artificial island built by locals used coral, stone, and other materials to build up the land at low tide.

The other islands are: Tintipan, Múcura, Boquerón, Cabruna, Ceycén, Mangle, Palma, Panda, Maravilla.